Shadows On Adamstown

Shadows on Adamstown

Oil on Canvas 20inch x 15inch For Sale £450 ...
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Glamorgan Cricket Grounds Painting

Glamorgan Cricket Grounds

10 x 24 inch Donated to the Tom Maynard Trust ...
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Blazing Day Cardiff Bay Painting

Blazing Day at Cardiff Bay Aboard the Carousel

A Commisioned Work 10 x 27 inch acrylic on canvas ...
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Grand Slam Winners Caroline Street Cardiff

Grand Slam 2019 Winners

24 x 26 inch For Sale: £500 ...
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Caroline Street Kiss

Caroline Street Kiss

Oil on Canvas Sold ...
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saundersfoot harbour mornings oil painting

Saundersfoot Harbour Moorings

Commissioned Oil Painting Dimensions 26 x 36 inch, ...
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Slow Araf King Whippy

Slow Araf King Whippy Sanquhar Street, Splott Cardiff

Oil on Panel 28 x 20 inches For Sale: £450 ...
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Glamorgan Cricket Club Painting

Glamorgan Cricket Club

Donated to Glamorgan Cricket Club 24 x 42 inch ...
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New Theatre Cardiff

Park Place, New Theatre, Cardiff

Dimensions 27 inch x 19 inch For Sale: £580 ...
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Penarth Pier and The Balmoral

Balmoral and Penarth Pier

9 inch by 17 inch Oil on Panel For Sale: £480 ...
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carousel cardiff bay

Cardiff Bay Carousel and Yo-Yo Boy

Dimensions 8 inch x 22 inch Oil on Canvas SOLD ...
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Clifton Street Oil Painting

Clifton Street: Adamsdown Cardiff

Dimensions 16 x 16 inch Oil On Panel Sold ...
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